Should I BOMA?

Should I BOMA?

Building Owners and Managers Association International - Representing owners and managers of all commercial property types.  BOMA is THE recognized standard for building measurement and asset management, establishing legal definition for leasing in single and multi-tenant buildings.

What questions you as an Owner or a Broker, SHOULD be asking:

Does my Client need a BOMA Certificate of Measurement?
A:  No. The fact is, BOMA does not certify building measurement.  BOMA's published legal position is:

"BOMA does not certify, approve, or endorse any individual, firm, device or software for the measurement of floor areas."

Building measurements are certified by recognized building professionals knowledgable in accepted standards, such as, and primarily those, developed by BOMA.  Your Architect should be familiar with the appropriate standard(s) for your Client’s building type.  If not, your Architect should refer you to someone that is.  SOA uses the latest BOMA standards for all building types.  We can recommend the preferred standard for your client’s building and building manager.

Should I maintain a BOMA based file for my buildings?
A:  Absolutely!  Knowledge of your asset is your option.  The details you know about your asset's Common Area, Building Amenities, Service Areas, and R/U Ratios, will help you be more competitive in offering your space in the market today and maintaining your asset for the future.  As an Owner, you or your Professional Property Manager, should be maintaining BOMA based file(s) for your portfolio.

If yours is a single tenant building, BOMA need be considered only for measurement verification.  Converting your building from single to multi-tenant?  You should BOMA-ize!

How do I put together a BOMA based file for my building assets?
A:  Your architect's cad file is the perfect foundation for your permanent asset file.  It provides a dynamic record of your building's measured size and worth over the life of it's changing uses.  Talk to your architect about providing you with a generic cad file that can be used by you, your broker, your property manager or even another architect.  That file will provide the basis for area measurement used in BOMA standard spreadsheets for your ever changing asset analysis.

Where to get BOMA training?
Contact or call BOMA’s education partner, Gemini at (403) 263-8649, Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm MST.

- Patrick McIlhenney, AIA

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