Integrated Project Delivery


It goes without saying that problems will arise with any project, large or small–what we do when they arise, however, is what makes the difference between project success and possible failure. The instinct to "HUNKER" is so strong in the design and construction community that out of all non-farm industries it alone has decreased in productivity since 1964, while all other industries have experienced triple digit increases. IPD obligates the parties in the tripartite relationship (i.e. owner, designer, constructor) to "HUDDLE" verses "HUNKER." It also places emphasis on and the most energy during the planning stages, instead of "working out the details in the field." The planning stage is when the ability to impact cost and schedule is the highest and the cost of changes is the lowest, as illustrated in the Macleamy Curve. IPD harnesses the collective talents and skills of all parties throughout the design and construction phases utilizing the latest 5D BIM technology. This results in significant savings in time and money, since the construction team works out the details with the design team in virtual reality during the design phases instead of the far more costly construction phase.